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Pack 3 Filtres Dégradés (ND8 - BLUE - ORANGE) GoPro Frame 2.0 Polar Pro

Pack 3 Filtres Degrades  (ND8 - BLUE - ORANGE) GoPro Frame 2.0 Polar Pro
  • Référence : P3007
  • Marque : Polar Pro
  • Disponibilité :
    Chez vous le 21-11-2017
    Stock limité
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69,99 €-29%49,60 €


    Fits Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3 naked cameras
    Includes ND8 gradient, orange gradient and blue gradient filters
    Ultra-light design weighs only 4.6 grams for gimbal safe operation
    secure push-on design for fast installation
    Graduated filters help properly expose sky/ground
    Limited lifetime warranty


The PolarPro Graduated Filter 3-Pack for the GoPro Hero4/3+/3 enables you to get stunning shots even when the lighting isn't at its best. Included are some of the most commonly used graduated filters: Neutral Density to clear, Blue to clear and Orange to clear gradation. Graduated filters are most commonly used to properly expose the sky without underexposing the area below the horizon. Don't be afraid to get creative with this filter pack!

ND8 Gradient Filter: The ND8/GR reduces 3 stops of light on the top and has a soft transition to a clear on the bottom. This is the most common gradient filter and helps pilots properly expose the sky when the ground is poorly lit. This filter is designed for specific photos/videos where your horizon line is near the middle of the frame.

Tobacco/Orange Filter: The OR/GR provides color correction to the sky while keeping the ground the same color. Mainly used for sunrises and sunsets this filter will make the sky a much warmer color without shifting the color of the ground. The tobacco/orange color on the top is the equivalent to 1.7 f-stops and has a soft transition into a clear bottom. 

Blue Filter: The blue filter intensifies the blue in the top of the frame while also reducing the shutter speed on the top by 1.3 stops. Designed to cool down the color of the sky without shifting the color of the ground.

All of the included filters are intended to inspire creativity and not be limited to the above scenarios. These filters should be used as tools to express your creativity in capturing epic aerial photos and videos.




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Pack 3 Filtres Dégradés (ND8 - BLUE - ORANGE) GoPro Frame 2.0 Polar Pro
69,99 €-29%49,60 €